Your health is your most important asset
Annette Falconett
5:12 am

The Importance of Good Food and Nutrition

It is known that chemists combine different chemicals to create different tastes that are pleasing to our palates. I can do the same thing with real food and spices - and you can too. Cooking is not hard. With a few basic spices, you too can make some very tasty meals. My basic spices are a good salt, pepper, garlic, and cinnamon. Read More

Annette Falconett
5:24 am

What's in Your Cart #2

According to Dr. Oz,, parents have reported an “increase in hyperactivity” in their children after ingesting yellow #6. The sugar in this candy will hype many of us up then add yellow #6 is it any wonder some children misbehave after eating sugar-laden products? It may not be their fault. Read More