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The Prayer Quilt


In May of 2015, my daughter, Linda moved home for the summer. She had just completed her junior year. It had been a busy and stressful year. Linda had some health issues the second semester, colds, allergies and food poisoning.


Sunday night, we arrived home late. Linda insisted on unloading her car. She went to bed by midnight. Around 3am I woke up and Linda was standing by my bed in tears. Her ears were hurting and very painful. She was unable to sleep. I put some essential oils on her ears. The pain subsided and we went back to sleep.


Monday, she was cheerful but tired. We thought she had a cold or allergies. Tuesday morning, she threw up but was still in good spirits. As the day wore on Linda got sicker.


That evening she asked if she could “check out”. I was stunned. My child was asking if she could die. I said no. I was going to die first, and not for a very long time. So Linda would have to wait.


The next morning Linda was unresponsive.


At the hospital, doctors delivered one bad diagnosis after another. Linda's symptoms included a blood glucose of 625, multiple organ failures and DKA. Why did Linda have a blood glucose of 625? She was not diabetic. And what was DKA? Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Our world had drastically changed forever.


The first couple of days in ICU, Linda would open her eyes when asked, but not for the staff.


When we asked her doctors how she was and would she survive, the answer we were given was, “I really don’t know. But she is young, 21 years old, and that works in her favor.” Reflecting back, I know they were preparing us for Linda’s passing.


I spent days sitting bedside with my hand resting on her arm. She needed to know we were there.


Many people were praying for her. We had prayer books in her room. I kept a small one under her pillow. It went missing after a linen change. I quickly went down to the chapel to get a replacement. I knew my child needed heavenly intervention to get through this.


Sometime on the third day Linda slipped into a coma. How could this be happening? A week before she was smiling and happy. Now she didn’t move.


A couple days later, I was told the Chaplain needed me in Linda’s room.


The Chaplain? My heart sank. Why did Linda need a Chaplain? She must be dying and receiving her Last Rites. My heart broke.


Linda’s dad was there, my favorite nurse (I referred to her as my Angel Nurse) and the Chaplain. My Angel Nurse had asked the Chaplain to come and pray with us for Linda’s recovery. We all joined hands, and the Chaplain led us in prayer.


For three days, the only time Linda moved was when someone else moved her or the techs cleaned her teeth. She didn’t like the cleaning and would usually cry silently. Linda would move her head trying to avoid the cleaning. I would put my head next to hers and tell her what was happening, and ask her to be still. My head pushing on her head was often enough to calm her down.


I also dried her tears.


The next day, the Chaplain visited us again. And she had brought a gift for Linda. The Chaplain was holding a prayer quilt. The Chaplain asked if she could place the prayer quilt on Linda. Yes, please. The Chaplain visited with us for a bit and led us in prayer for Linda.


Doctors still didn’t have many answers for us. They were slowly bringing Linda’s blood glucose level down, but she was still extremely sick. And the doctors were not giving us any other positive news. If they did tell us there was an improvement by the next visit the improvement had reversed and was often worse.


About an hour after the prayer quilt had been placed on Linda’s legs I saw her foot move. I told her dad to watch too. Linda started to move her legs. Then she was moving all of her body with the exception of her right arm. We knew it was the prayer quilt.


In fact, Linda started moving so much that the prayer quilt was knocked to the floor. I wanted the prayer quilt on her, or at least as close as I could get it to her. But I didn’t want it on the floor or getting soiled. I hung it on her headboard.


We were ecstatic! If Linda was moving she must be improving! But the doctors were there to deflate our joy. Her kidneys weren’t working properly. Maybe we should consider transplantation of kidneys and a pancreas. No! My child would not need transplants. I was not going to put my child on anti-rejections meds for the rest of her life. The doctor agreed we didn’t need to discuss that, just yet.


It was my turn to stay with Linda that night. I went to sleep around midnight.


A couple of hours later I heard the nurse calling Linda’s name and telling her to wake up. The nurse was also yelling at me to wake up and come to Linda’s bed.


When I finally realized what was being said I rushed to Linda’s bed. It was true. Linda was trying to open her eyes. The nurse was explaining to Linda she was in the hospital because she had been very sick. She told Linda to not talk since she was intubated. Linda nodded that she understood. The nurse took my hands across the bed and said, “And now we pray.”


The next day Linda had dialysis for the first time. After dialysis, she was extubated. She could speak and she knew who we were!


The next day Linda was moved to a regular room and a different bed. The prayer quilt was placed on the new headboard. The prayer quilt and the love sewn into it had brought Linda back. In my mind the prayer quilt still needed to stay close. I also moved our prayer books.


Linda spent a total of three weeks in the hospital. When we got home the prayer quilt was placed on her headboard.


Linda had four dialysis treatments. Her kidneys have been declared healed. She returned to school in the fall and graduated on time.


I know Linda’s recovery is due to divine intervention. Without all the prayers that were said for her she would probably not be with us. The prayer quilt was the catalyst that accelerated her recovery and healing.


I am forever grateful to the hospital staff that took care of my daughter. I am in awe of who that prayed and brought about our miracle. May my Angel Nurse lead a blessed life. And to the ladies that prayed as they sewed and loved my daughter even though they didn’t know her…I don’t have to words to thank you properly for our miracle.