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Annette Falconett
1:53 am

It’s Not My Ancestor’s Pasta

I am of Italian descent and I love my pasta. I was brought up on it. It’s a comfort food. The white pasta. None of that spinach, rice or corn stuff for me. I used to buy the run-of-the-mill brands. Then I switched to organic only. Then America started mucking with its’ wheat and I started buying pasta made in Italy. It was old wheat and they didn’t drown it in chemicals for ease of harvesting. Since I skipped most gluten by choice I ate my pasta with abandon and no guilt. Then my daughter got really sick. And our food changed. Read More

Annette Falconett
4:23 am

You Know You Are Weird When.......

Ok, there are multiple reasons I know I am weird but today I can add a new one to my list. I did something I never thought I would ever do. Read More

Annette Falconett
9:36 pm

I Cheated....and it was Amazing!

I cheated…and it was amazing. It was fun…I believe we bonded more that day. My daughter is dealing with some autoimmune issues. She is on the elimination diet and I am also. She is doing it per doctor’s recommendations (although I told her it would happen). I told her whatever diet she was on I would do it with her. I consider her healing to be a team effort. Having an accountability partner keeps you on the path. When one of us was weak the other would be strong. And it was working and still is. Read More