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Annette Falconett
5:33 am

You Can't Have Your Fake Cake and Eat It Too

One Wednesday while walking I noticed birthday cake that had not quite make it to the trashcan. For cake that had been there three or four days it looked pretty fresh. It actually looked like it could have just fallen off someone’s plate. The cake being about a foot away from the trashcan didn’t surprise me. Someone was sloppy and no one picked up after them. The lack of ants and flies surprised me. Then appalled me. What was in that cake that the ants wouldn’t touch? Or had the park been so heavily treated with pesticides that there were no ants? And if it was pesticides maybe this wasn’t a nice little park. I know there are raccoons in the area because one visits my deck, and there are rats here too. So why hadn’t the night critters eaten that cake? Read More

Annette Falconett
8:20 am

Cold Sores

Cold sores, fever blisters, herpes simplex virus 1. Whichever name you use, I get them. Yuck. And I get OCD about them and the possibility of passing them to someone else. Paper napkins preferred when I have one. No one should share a towel with me. Don’t drink after me or eat off my plate. Don’t put your head on my pillow. When I apply a topical I immediately wash my hands and would prefer to use a paper towel to dry them and then throw it out. Eating out brings its’ own angst. The wait staff will have to pick up my napkin. I make sure I fold it so the part that touched my lip is on the inside and not where they will touch it. I start this behavior at the first tingle and continue to well after it’s gone. Have to be cautious in case it flares back up. Like I said, I get a bit OCD. Read More