Your health is your most important asset
Annette Falconett
10:24 pm

Dr. Hector and My Cyst

The ob/gyn was looking at my MRI and telling all about the exploratory surgery someone else would be performing on me. I would be opened up and they would remove anything they felt I didn’t need anymore. I was sitting across the desk from him looking at the pictures and diplomas decorating his office. He finally noticed I was not paying any attention to him and stopped telling me his plans for my guts. He was wise enough to say, “You aren’t going to let me do any of this are you?” Read More

Annette Falconett
5:07 pm

My Safe Haven

Your home needs to be your sanctuary. You need to be adamant about what can and cannot come in. You will learn who truly cares for you and who is just paying you lip service. The people who value you will make accommodations for you and your MCS. The ones that don’t you may not need to be hanging out with. Toxic products make us ill, and so do toxic relationships. Read More

Annette Falconett
5:52 am

I Had to Laugh at Myself

I actually thanked her for starting my day off, a Monday no less, with a lot of great laughs. I am sure she didn’t expect that. Read More

Annette Falconett
7:22 am

Best Hot Flash....Ever

I don’t know how long I had slept but the hot flash from h**l woke me up. I was surprised by the intensity of that flash. But what a blessing it turned out to be. Read More

Annette Falconett
7:57 am

Another Issue with Her Meds

She may have caught her mistake before she applied it. Maybe when she opened it and the smell of cinnamon reached her nose. Read More

Annette Falconett
4:53 pm

Contrary Mary

At morning shift change we had a new nurse, or new to us. I didn’t care for this one. I knew it immediately. I should have requested a new nurse. Read More

Annette Falconett
4:15 pm

What's in Your Cart #4

Then I saw her. She had ten lunchables in her cart. This woman was my child’s ideal mother. I texted my daughter to tell her I had found her perfect mom. Read More

Annette Falconett
7:57 pm

So..Where Do You Get Your Vitamin C?

He then asked me a sincere question: If I didn’t drink orange juice where did I get my Vitamin C from? What? Seriously? Read More

Annette Falconett
9:21 pm

Oh My Gosh!!

I recall my jaw dropping. Multi flavors of ice cream. I counted the ice cream a couple of days later, there were six flavors of ice cream and one sorbet. Read More

Annette Falconett
2:51 pm

Here We Go Again...

Oh, my gosh! It happened again. I was walking through a mall minding my own business. It usually is a woman. Not this time. This time it was a man. It’s always the same questions. But he reacted just like all the women. Read More